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The ramblings of a bored demented husky

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4th February 2008


God i love this video...

"Hear that...? *clicking noises* its fucking predator...." flash to a different clip... flash back "...*grabs gun*"

And this video is just incredibly awseome :3
Current Mood: bouncy

22nd January 2008

7:23pm: Made in taiwan!
Today is my birthday <3 and i got a all metal 1911 airsoft gun and advanced wars dual strike :3 It was a very awseome birthday <3

Current Mood: bouncy

21st January 2008

1:51am: Have you ever...
Have you ever done something that at the time was incredibly hot and made you orgasm really hard... but afterwards you were ashamed or disgusted that you did that?

...yeah... Not gonna go into details.
Current Mood: blah

18th January 2008

8:35pm: Over all a good day!
Went to see cloverfield, thought it was meh O: the acting wasnt very good, and the constant shaking camera and barely beeing able to make out WTF is going on annoyed me, also the camera guy was incredibly annoying, and had a shitty habit of repeating things 50 times, although he sometimes made a funny comment...

Also bought a new knife, on impulse O: its a 40 dollar knife but was 50% off so i was liek, hellz yeah! Anywho, its really nice... all metal and feels really sturdy, i <3 it.

Oh and i also got asheron's call working, yay AC <3
Current Mood: accomplished

12th January 2008


Fucking, i decide to try playing it again, after fiddling with various shit to make it work on vista, i connected and started the update (which is fucking awseome because before it wouldnt update, it would just stay at *starting update* for a minute then disconnect) it finished updating, and i proceded to make a new character and start playing, seeing that the game works i think "Huh, it works awseome now i can reactivate my old account" so i do that, and when i try to log in IT WONT FUCKING UPDATE AGAIN FUCK and i cant log into my trial account i played earlier FUCKING FUCK FUCKEDY FUCK

Why do i put up with this shit just to play a old ass fucking game? I find it odd as soon as i pay the stupid assholes it stops working... god i'm so fucking fuck fuck fuckedy fuck fuck fuck sick of this, i want my god damn nostalgia bomb D:
Current Mood: angry

8th January 2008

3:54pm: Me! from the awseome zorro re ~<3
Its kinda messy, i warn you but i <3 it.

*bounces* so happy he did such a good job <3
Current Mood: cheerful

6th January 2008

9:26pm: HOLY SHIT
I always knew the a-10 was a powerfull and imtimidating aircraft, but i've never really been afraid of the thing, until this video... D:


It sounds like a monster ;-; that spews 30mm tungsten or depleted uranium shells
Current Mood: scared
7:37pm: F*ck its so shiny...

Precious.... its so pretty D: the crimson almost orange in the right light color is awesome <3 but i still hate ds lites... i miss my old ds...

Is it hard if not impossible for anyone with a ds lite to walk diagonally (bad spelling is bad)?

Cause i have dragon quest and i can only walk straight :/
Current Mood: bored

26th December 2007

Best christmas evar <3 Got a new ds (my old one got body slammed), various games, clothes... aaaaaaand a brand new computer with 24 inch monitor <333 Able to run everything from morrowind to crysis beutifuly <333 And vista isnt as bad as everyone says :p

Also just got back from AVP2 and it was okie.... anyone else find the seen with the prego women and Alien-predator oddly sexual...? just me?

Sweeney todd was very cool to <3

But now that i'm no longer computer impaired i'll probably be posting more :3
Current Mood: cheerful

3rd December 2007

9:06pm: Crysis
First off, crysis is awesome O: I've never been more addicted to a shooter, and i've yet to try single player.

That beeing said.... CRYSIS IS PISSING ME OFF D: I pre-ordered it so i could get the Amphibious APC, when i entered the code i logged onto the account i used and it wasnt unlocked! ;-;

Sad huskeh...
Current Mood: frustrated

26th November 2007

10:31pm: Mass affect
Mass affect had a amazing ending! It was so cinematic and epic <3 it gave me goose bumps! And was well worth the multiple times i'd take a step forward and a step back repeatedly.... damn you shitty auto save system...

Current Mood: accomplished

25th November 2007

Current Mood: cheerful

22nd November 2007

12:24pm: RANK 32!!!
I gots me sum mass affect, its fun but eh... i'm kinda annoyed that all the weapons are the exact same looking, just with different colors, and i get stuck every 5 minutes, its like walk around for 30 minutes then get stuck, spend 2 hours getting unstuck move forward 5 minutes, get stuck again D:

Current Mood: awake

19th November 2007

3:10pm: wot


Also, random though... drugtests stink
Current Mood: cheerful

12th November 2007

10:55am: Yarr i'm bored
Havent posted on livejournal for awhile o-o thanks for the nudge rusty x3

I got call of duty 4! Its by far one of my favorite 360 games, short yes but the multiplayer makes up for it... I'm rank 25 ^^

Also beat portal, was fun...

Bought gears of war

Beat and bought guitar hero 3

Anyways now that my internet appears to be working i'll probably post more.
Current Mood: sleepy

25th October 2007

1:33pm: AMG EMO HAIR

Current Mood: bouncy

14th October 2007

12:35am: Knob creek
Just got back from knob creek and it was very fun <3 no rain like last time, it was chilly in the morning but rose to warm and occasionally hot, the whole day was the same as last time, maybe a hour of watching the guns shoot and multiple hours of browsing what all is for sale, although this time they had a little bird and a Huey flying around giving people rides.

The night time shoot was pretty cool, it was started by a little bird flying over and shooting at targets from the sky, it was really lame though, they didn't have any tracers loaded so we couldn't see anything, we just heard the gunshots, then everyone else started shooting and it was like a laser light show <3

Anyways i picked up a empty ammo box thing, a spade, and a weird foreign lighter, for no particular reason, I'm really bad about impulse buying.

Going to do a all day thing tomorrow, errr... today, play lots of dota, team fortress 2, among other things.

Well now i'm exhausted and going to bed.
Current Mood: tired

2nd October 2007

12:01am: Havok 4 in secondlife OH SHI-
Just learned they have havok 4 in the secondlife beta! WHICH IS AWSEOME!

This shit was a rumor when i started playing like 3 years ago... <3 this makes me feel giddy inside.
Current Mood: cheerful

1st October 2007

5:03pm: Bleh

There is nothing to do... my computer is to messed up to play anything other then WoW which is kind of boring.

I have stalker on my computer but it doesnt run right T_T i wanna play eeeeeet....

Beat halo 3 ending was bleh at best, only got the game to frag my friends when they come over ;3

Played world in conflict and loved it, was pissing my friend off, anytime he'd get any progress at all... MISSILE ARTILLERY!!! Never got to use the nuke though, makes me sad, I did however A-10 striked the hell out of him, dropped napalm on him, and dropped poisonous gas on his troops..

ALSO! MY FRIEND BEAT ME IN DOTA! WHILE I WAS BALANAR! THIS CANNOT STAND! I owned him the next round with pugna but pugna is a cheap little bastard...

Current Mood: bored

25th September 2007

1:52am: Halo 3
Picked up halo 3 at the 12:00 release, got home played a half hour and came up her to post, fap then sleep...

Not saying the game is bad, just tired! one thing though... its preeeeetttyyyyyyy....

It was kind of a last moment thing, yesterday i reserved it then came back to pick it up :P
Current Mood: calm

20th September 2007

1:28am: Team fortress 2
Last monday i got to play the beta of team fortress 2, and its awseooooooooome <3 the look and feel of the game is great, fun to play... favorite would be the spy <3 disguise yourself as a enemy sneak up behind someone and SHANK, 2fort is the funnest map :P
Current Mood: cheerful

18th September 2007

1:24am: Dota :P
Was bored and spent a hour finding interesting moves in dota, found finger of death which fully upgraded takes 800+ health instantly, then if you buy the little blue staff thing it takes 1000+, played against my friend with him as a joke, He was playing as terrorblade and only had like a max of 800 something health, everytime i'd see him i'd just use finger of death, he ended up quiting mid round, pissed :P

On another note, dragon wars sucked balls, no real surprise there, dont go see it :P

Played as the skeleton king against my friend (same friend as before) i was in his base and he came out of his health ring place to attack me, i got him down to 100 health and chased him into his health ring where i was greeted by fireballs, i died, and was sad, went down to my base waiting for him to respawn until i heard "DOMINATING" And text showed up saying "Garmr has pwned t-shirt's head for blabla gold" Skelly king revived just long enough to slice him <3 made me so happy...

Trying to find someone to draw a diaperless fur pic for me, for those furs with a less open mind xP

Had a fun time with Chris, josh, ben (Foxy!), and tru (Another foxy!) we were gonna play laser tag but the place was closed so we went to see shoot em up again, SEE THAT F*CKING MOVIE <3 any who we got in about half way threw the movie, no big deal... not like we paid for it ^^;

Trying to think of everything worth mentioning so i dont end up making another post or editing within the hour :P

Said friend is rather funny, you can always tell when he's mad because he uses the word "whatever" over and over again, trying to act like he doesnt care when it's blatantly obvious :P

OH going to the knob creek machine gun shoot again! so far it is going to be me josh chris stephen and maybe ben <_< gonna be fun, hopefully this time it wont be freezing cold and raining, that was miserable D: AHHHHHH TO MANY THINGS ENDING WITH :P!!! I REALLY NEED TO GET OUT OF THE ADDICTION THAT IS EMOTICONS *sob*
Current Mood: cheerful

14th September 2007

12:48pm: DRAGON WARS!!!1!111!one
Hopefully gonna go see DRAGON WARS later today, you cant say DRAGON WARS calmly! YOU MUST SHOUT IT!

Going to do a all day lan thing saturday...

Got a new character in dota, my friend stephen beat me twice when i was magina, and he was terrorblade (god i hate sunder with such a fiery passion D: ) and was bragging about it, so for about two days i was out for blood, at first i use the silencer and i beat him repeatedly, then i moved onto the night stalker who fricken owns him... But no matter how many times i beat him he brings up "Well i beat you those two times" xP

Nightstalker is mean....a lot of times my friends wont even come out of their base at night, with boots of travel and fully upgraded hunter in the night he fricken moves :D That and by the time i'm done with him he has around 3500 health which is a fuckton compared to the anti mage

Have some dj splash

Current Mood: cheerful
2:25am: Ghost ship on secondlife
Okay, let me tell you the story of a husky and two pink foxes.

It all starts on a oil platform where we heard rumors of a mysterious ghost ship appearing.. (actually i discovered this on accident with another friend hour before )

The band of young adventurers quickly find themselves tired and bored as they wait for the mythical ship.

as one of the pink foxes shouts out "Is that it?" in excitement as a boat rolls up, my response "yesm" with a squee.

The young adventurers boarded the boat and sat down and the boat started to move, pulling away from the oil rig, the boat seemed normal enough until it moved to the end of the world and continued onward, much to the surprise of the adventurers.

The boat continued onwards into the large void of nothingness as the gang conversed about random things (There was no lag or anything, we could talk fine... couldnt stand up though) until eventually they ended up far off into the unknown, where no man has been before.

The young gang dissappeared, never to be heard from again (or just logged off)

I hope you enjoyed this story about the paranormal as much as i enjoyed discovering it :P
Current Mood: happy

13th September 2007

1:10am: World in conflict

Amazing trailer for the new strategy game world in conflict.
Current Mood: bouncy
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